Join us nationally and make a difference locally

Saturday, Oct 28th

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NCCS and its chapters will once again join the Points of Light organization, who partnered with TEGNA and the Arby’s Foundation, and participate in their annual Make A Difference Day Campaign for our National Day of Service.

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Our theme is: Make a Difference: Read to Me. Chapters will develop activities centered around their individual literacy programs or the literacy portion of their layettes. Countless studies have shown that children of parents who read to them frequently have large vocabularies and have a head start on language skills and literacy. The average middle class child enters 1st grade with 1,000 – 1,700 hours of one-on-one picture book reading. For low income children, that number is 25 hours. Quite a difference and disadvantage. Christ Child recognizes this gap and chapters are working hard to effect change because all children deserve a chance to reach their full potential.

We ask all of you to make a difference and do your part in bridging that gap. If you are a chapter member or part of a chapter community, please consider volunteering on the 28th. If there is not a chapter in your area, we can help connect you with the various activities of the day and you can participate via donations, prayers or by letting friends and family know who may live near a participating chapter.

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